Tips to “Pretty Up” your Patio for Summer


Patios can be of any shape and are made of diverse material types. They are on the ground floor of a building and used for relaxation, exercising, yoga, meditation, reflection, entertaining friends, resting, and many other leisure activities.

Most patios are made from bricks, concrete, stones, tiles, rocks, and pebble. If you have a patio in your home, you might be thinking of ways to make it beautiful and more comfortable for your leisure activities during the summer. Tips to “Pretty Up” your patio during the hot season include:

1. Install artificial grass in the patio area
To add more beauty and comfort to your outdoor space, you might consider installing artificial grass. The grass is less messy, pet friendly, and UV stable. Artificial grass requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean, and can stay green for a long time. For these reasons, its perfect for your home’s social area because its appeal can be maintained for a long time.

2. Planting hanging baskets or container planting
Planting flowers and plants in containers located around the patio is another way to adorn your external lounging area with colour and life. First Impressions Yorkshire can help you decide on the type of plants to use since we understand the strategic positions to place them for decorative purposes. First Impressions Yorkshire can also help choose the appropriate plants to grow around the patio, a water feature to include in the social area, and the drains to set up in enhancing the appearance of the entire region.

3. Lighting the patio
Another tip to pretty up the patio involves installing the right lighting fixtures in the lounging space. Properly mounted lights make the patio beautiful and inviting during the warm summer evenings. You can also use ambient lights as well as dimmers in the lounging area to compliment your changing colour preferences. String lights are also vital in making your patio an enchanting oasis as they drape or hang from the ceilings or wall.

4. Appealing surfaces for your patio
Use eye-catching and colourful materials such as Indian sandstone, resin bound stones or paving slabs. The materials you choose and the quality of the installation will also add the homes’ value.

5. Set up comfortable furniture
Add comfortable furniture, including tables, benches, coffee tables, sofa sets, or chairs in the outdoor lounging space. Patios should be spacious to accommodate seats and other multifunctional furniture to enhance the comfort. You may also use cushions of different colours on the furniture to add to the patio’s appeal.

If you want to “pretty up” your patio area in your home, it is wise to book an appointment with experts landscapists from First Impressions Yorkshire to get their professional services.