FIRST for Polyflex Rubber Surfaces

First Impressions Yorkshire Ltd is leading the way in installing sustainable surfacing ideal for schools, sports clubs, local authorities, pathways, walkways, nature trails, cycle routes, equestrian access, patios,  woodland paths, golf courses etc.

Using the industry-leading highly sustainable, strong,  low maintenance and also impact absorbent POLYFLEX surfacing system.

Polyflex is a 50/50 bonded rubber and stone system that allows water to drain freely through the surface. 

This means that pathways will no longer become waterlogged in heavy rainfall or the winter months remaining clear and accessible throughout the year. 

The rubber element also makes the surface excellent underfoot offering superb grip, particularly for people wearing golf / sporting footwear.

Cost-effective and extremely environmentally friendly.  

Poly flex can be installed straight onto a variety of new sub-bases, including compacted stone and cell-web systems for no-dig sites. It can also be used as an overlay product on to existing hard surfaces.

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