Why Choose a Resin Bound Driveway?


If your driveway looks old and tired, a new one can help revamp your property. A Resin bound driveway offers natural and stylish looks that will surely give an outstanding curb appeal to your property.

The resin bound driveway is created by mixing resin with decorative aggregate. The result is an extremely hardwearing surface that is resistant, attractive, and ten times more eco-friendly than traditional surfacing options.

Typically, a resin bound driveway affords you the following benefits:

1. Easy to install with no planning permission required

A resin bound driveway is a better alternative to traditional solutions. While the latter can take weeks to install, resin bound driveway requires few hours, especially if the team you have hired is efficient and experienced. Besides, resin bound surfaces conform to the SUDs compliant, meaning you do not require prior planning permission to install resin; you can apply it to existing surfaces.

2. No drainage issues

Resin bound driveways are formed via a procedure that ensures every stone is covered in resin. However, tiny holes are created that spread across the entire driveway, which allows water to permeate through the surface. That makes resin driveway porous, and there is little to no risk of flooding. Moreover, the natural filtration through the sub-base reduces pollutants and impurities caused by oils and metals.

3. It is aesthetically pleasing

Resin bound driveway is not only decorative, but also sustainable, versatile, and practical. It’s available in different colours, meaning you can create patterns or mix different resin gravel colours and come up with something unique. For instance, if you want a coloured driveway with an image on it, you can easily create that. Colour provides you with an opportunity to showcase your personality. It’s also UV stable, oil-resistant, durable, and requires low maintenance.

4. Highly durable and cost-effective

When installed and maintained properly, a resin bound driveway can last up to 25 years! Yes, 25 years… a thing that stone, brick, or gravel driveway cannot guarantee, and this makes it by far the most cost-efficient option. What’s more, resin driveways are sturdy enough to endure harsh weather conditions, de-icing salts, oil spills, and high pressure from vehicles.

5. Maintenance is easy

Resin, unlike traditional materials, will bind to the surface in a way that it will be easy to clean and maintain. That is, there will be no weeds or moss growth to pull and no loose gravel or stones to sweep. Occasional pressure washing and stiff brushing will do the trick of keeping your driveway sparkling clean and in mint condition.

6. It reduces the ‘heat island’ effect

Heat islands occur because hard surfaces such as tarmac, concrete, and asphalt, absorb and store heat, inducing a high possibility of cracking. A resin bound driveway is permeable, meaning it allows heat to pass through it and escape from the surface, thereby reducing surface temperature.

  • Other benefits of resin bound driveways include:
  • Offer better traction for cars and pedestrians
  • Has a smooth finish with no loose stones
  • No messy site excavations
  • UV stable resin
  • Massive variety of styles and colours
  • Never corrodes
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